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When significant deterioration of the respiratory function threatens life, lung transplant is considered.


Lung transplant

When significant deterioration of the respiratory function threatens life, lung transplant is considered. 

Being a transplant patient: a project to be developed 

Although transplant is not without risks, it nevertheless remains an option that offers great hope for many patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). There is constant progress in surgical techniques, anaesthesia and treatments against rejection and infections, enabling long-term improvement in the function of the graft.

In 2014, the benefit of transplant on life expectancy and the quality of life is certain. It has progressed over 10 years and will continue to increase.

Each step of this project is marked by many questions: What does transplant entail in the case of CF? When should it be considered? Which are the risks? How to manage waiting period, hospitalisation, the return home, the "post-transplant" period?

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Lung transplant in France: a few figures

 (source: Agence de la Biomédecine)

According to the 2012 data from the French CF Registry, 573 CF patients were living with a transplant (primarily a lung transplant), i.e. 9.3% of all patients (it is estimated that this figure should reach 10 to 15% by 2015). Lung transplant has clearly increased over the past few years, with 96 lung transplants carried out on patients suffering from CF in France in 2012.

See all the figures concerning lung transplantation on the Agence de la Biomédecine website:

Please note: some of these figures, notably those concerning survival after transplant, take into account all transplant patients since the beginning of lung transplant (1985). Therefore, they should not be seen as a reference for what a transplanted patient should expect today, with current knowledge and medical practices.
 Lung transplant and organ donation

Lung transplant and organ donation: a vital issue

Currently, lung transplant is still the only alternative to prolong the life of patients suffering from CF and whose respiratory status has irreversibly deteriorated. "Vaincre la Mucoviscidose" has been taking action for several years to develop this activity, to improve the survival and quality of life and to put a stop to a tragic situation: the increase in the number of CF patients who died while waiting for a transplant (20 deaths in 2007, compared to 17 in 2006 and 8 in 2005).

Promoting organ donation or when one death can save several lives
The Don de vie (donation of life) collective was created to support the Major National Cause of 2009, the "Donation of organs, blood, platelets, plasma and bone marrow". Its mission is to inform, increase awareness and remind the public of the issue of donation.
This collective, comprised of 13 associations, develops and disseminates a national and local communication campaign: "Thumbs down to fatality, thumbs up for life!"
Organ donation is the founding act of transplantation that usually enables several lives to be saved (since several organs can be directed to several patients suffering from different diseases). In 2014, patients are faced with an organ shortage.
"Vaincre la Mucoviscidose", as well as many other associations, increases public awareness so that each person can take a stand and inform their close ones of their choice in the matter. The objective is first and foremost to limit refusals related to the absence of known consent of the deceased person as much as possible. Our association acts through the Agence de la biomédecine (Biomedicines Agency) and in the framework of "Don de vie" which received the "Major National Cause 2009" label awarded by the Prime Minister.
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